Friday, June 6, 2014

Prasetiya Mulya Business School's Event - Prasmul Olympics

Yelooo guys!
Guess what, this is my first time writing a post about my activities! Wohoo! Hope I didn't mess up and I'll give my best for it! :D
So this is the 'thing' that I said on my last post, the last event that I attended successfully, PRASMUL OLYMPICS!

Basically this is an event that was held by Prasetiya Mulya, one of Jakarta's Business School. They held many competitions and tournaments here such as modern dance competition, basketball tournament, and many more for students from other colleges or schools to attend. And of course there are so many prizes for the winners.

Now let's begin with my activities in this event.

I always love dancing and I always miss it. Thanks to my friend who's one of my dancing crew during high school, he offered our crew including me to perform on this event. Cause we all haven't danced together for a long time, we decided to do it for this event and here we come!

I got to perform 2 times in a day, on the afternoon with my crew and night with Prasmul's (Prasetiya Mulya) students.

On the afternoon, we performed on final basketball tournament's half time. It's so amazing yet nerve-wracking. Even though I've performed since primary school but still, that nervous feeling never disappear. So here we are!

We always decided ourselves what costume should we wear, so here it is!

Male: Black shirt, black trousers, bow tie, tie.
Female: Black bustier, black hot pants, stocking (different colors and motives) and blazer
Basically we want a touch of red color, so that's why everybody has their red thing (except girls who wore all the same) like red ties, red shoes, and red blazers! :)

And this is the makeup look for girls!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Silver: "Verve"
Grey: "Pistol"
Black: "Blackout"

Double cat-eye eyeliners:
Maybelline Gel Eye Liner
Shu Uemura Pencil Eye Liner

Black: Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express

Foundation: Bobbi Brown Foundation
Powder: Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder
Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder
Blush on: MAC Blush

Red: Yves Saint Lauren Rouge Pur Couture

*sorry if it's not too clear cause I use camera 360 so the effect changed everything ;p

Seriously those eyelashes are really uncomfortable. Cause of the thickness, when I danced, my hair got stuck on it. It ended with me, busy with my hair during performance hahahaha. But I handle my stuck hair secretly so the performance still went smoothly ;p

But thank God, the performance went well, the committee were satisfied with it and all the audiences were enjoyed by our performance. Here's the sneak peek!

And that's the afternoon part! Now's the night part.

The night performance is more simple than the afternoon cause we're doing flashmob for closing ceremony! 
That's why not only my crew who's gonna perform, but we perform with Prasmul's students! The one that I like from the night performance is, we're doing "Glow in the Dark" theme! Here we are!

Our costume is white top and any outer, you can wear blazer, jacket, cardigan, everything, for the pants also we can wear everything. The main point is the white shirt so it'll popped out under the UV light. I decided to wore the same red blazer cause I'm too lazy to bring another outer HAHA.

The part that I like is using "Glow in the Dark" paint! We can draw anything on our body or face and it's safe! This is the first time I used this thing and I think it's so cool! After thinking so many ideas, I finally drew 2 lines (JUST 2 lines) on my cheek hahahaha.

We also got glow sticks! We can shape it in a creative ways, either as a bracelet or as shoes decorator and they also provide equipments to make glasses and bunny ears from glow sticks, so cute right?!

And this is my make up for flashmob :D

From face to eyes are the same except the lips. I changed it to nude color. I borrowed my friend's lipstick so I don't know what brand is it hahahaha.

And comes the time when we have to perform! Here's the sneak peek!

It went well and I'm so happy cause the audiences were so full of spirit! They even cheering us during the performance! The audiences are the participators from running event, and there are 900 people who attended the "Glow in the Dark" Running Event, so cool right?!

After we'd done our performance, everything turned into chaos hahahaha. All the audiences joined us to the dance floor, enjoying the DJ performance and look what happened here.

Yeah, some of the committees threw all the phosphor powder and glow sticks in the air and you know what happened next. All of the floor and also us, got so dirty because of the powder :') The best part is….. that powder accidentally went into my mouth!! Hahahahaha. Seriously it tastes awful!

The DJ ;D
Look at the crowd!

Prasmul Olympics' Mascot
This what it looks like under the UV light, cool huh ?! ;)
Glow sticks in the air!

And the closing ceremony was ended with fireworks :)

We all had a great time and thank God the event ended successfully. I'll never forget that night cause that night was so epic but yet so fun! :D

The videos of our performance haven't out yet cause my friend still edit it, later I'll post it ;)

So this is it guys! My first post of my activities! I'm sorry if it's too long but believe me, in reality that event went so fast. I'm so happy to share it with you guys, hope you guys like it! :D

Thank you and have a nice day!

"Have fun, because that's what life is all about."




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  2. Rosalina so you are a Dancers, congrats! I've always loved dance but I've never studied it properly. You look gorgeous in the pictures!
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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment dear! I really appreciate it! :D

  3. How I miss dancing with you guys <3

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