Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Jubilee Project - Obsession List

Yelooo guys!
Welcome to my second obsession list!! I really want to post this cause I want to share it with you guys how inspiring these people are. So, without further ado, my number 2 obsession list is:

Actually I just knew their channel around a month ago hahaha (sorry JP ;p), but thanks to my friend who's telling me this I finally watched it and damn! Their videos are awesome!! Here we go!

The Jubilee Project is a film-making group composed of Jason Y. Lee, Eddie Lee, and Eric I. Lu. They produced a number of short films and music video released on their website and their YouTube channel.

From left to right:
Eddie Lee, Jason Y. Lee, Eric I. Lu

It all started from the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Jason and his friends decided to respond by busking in a New York City subway station to raise $100 for Haiti. That day they fell $30 short of their goal, but when they created a video about it and placed it online they ended up raising over $700 for Haiti earthquake relief!

Cause of the result,  Jason, Eddie, and Eric joined together to create Jubilee Project. Their diversity of backgrounds, Jason in business, Eddie in government and Eric in medicine, allows them to bring a variety of experiences to the table, but what unites them is their passion for philanthropy and film-making.

I like them cause they're making short films to engage people to do good things, like they said, "Doing Good is Contagious". I like the way they proved their motto by making short films for fundraises, or short films to raise our awareness, so they really want me + you to realize that there are many positive things that we can share to other people but there are also negative things that we must stop and change it to positive things :)

This are my favorite videos so far from them:

This time | A Jubilee Project Short Film

It tells us that there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear :)

Picture Perfect | Jubilee Project Short Film

Produced to raise awareness for Leukemia and to inspire action for the cause :)

Love Language | Original Jubilee Project Film

Produced to raise support and awareness for the American Society for Deaf Children :)

The Mixtapes | Jubilee Project Short Film

It tells us to love and respect our parents, who sacrificed their dreams to make ours possible :)

Basically I wrote about Jubilee Project in this post cause I truly, really inspired by them. They really make my heart moved. So I share this good things to you guys hoping that you guys also can be moved by them and share it to other people. Let all people know, that Doing Good is Contagious :)

Hope you guys like it! Thank you and have a nice day!

"We believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things;
and that doing good is contagious." - The Jubilee Project