Friday, May 2, 2014

Aqua Pink - Prom Make Up Tutorial

Yelooo guys!
Prom is coming up people (for Indonesian people, I don't know in the other country ;D)!! I love Prom cause that's the last event in high school that we'll always remember. In my country, Prom's just for seniors (3rd year) who will graduate from high school, I don't know is it same in other country? I really love my high school life, it really left lovely memories for me, that's why I cherish Prom so much.

So today, I'm giving you a makeup tutorial for Prom :) For this time, I decided to make a girly look cause Prom's still in high school line, so I make the look that suitable for high school age, not too bold ;) Here it is!


I made this look inspired from my sister's dress and one of my favorite color, Baby Blue. Pardon my uncreative makeup title or name, I'm so suck at making a name or title, so I just came up with the one that popped in my head.

1. Start with putting the
eyeshadow base
2. Apply light pink all over
the eyelid

3. Apply darker pink on
the crease, blend it
4. Apply orange-pinkish on
the outer corner of the eye, blend it

5. Apply shimmer baby blue
on the inner corner,
light pink on the low outer
corner of the eye
6. Apply black gel liner and
make the cat-eye shape

7. Apply black pencil liner on
the lower waterline
8. Curl the eyelash and
apply the mascara on the upper
and lower lashes

Complete it with fake eyelashes and voila! You're ready for Prom!

The products that I use:

Light Pink (eyelid): VOV eyeshadow (Small)
Darker Pink (crease): un-named palette
Orange Pink-ish (outer corner): un-named palette
Baby blue: Red Earth Quake Shimmer Powder

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

Black: Maybelline the Colossal Volum' Express

CC cream: Nature Republic Super Origin Color Change
Powder: Bobbi Brown Pressed Powder
Bronzer: Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder
Blush on: MAC Blush

Pink: Un-named palette
Nude: NYX Butter Gloss

As I said it above, I made this look inspired from my sister's dress, so for my next post I'll show you my first outfit post for prom ;)

And moreover, thank you so much Imelda from A Chick With Lipstick for nominated me the Inspiring Blogger Award! It's an honor, I really appreciated and I'm so moved :') Later, I'll post it, once again thank you Imelda :)

That's it guys! Hope you guys like it! Thank you and have a nice day!

"Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you'll look back and realize,
they're the big things."




  1. you always create a great tutorial! love the pink shade :D


  2. aww very pretty! love the color combo!

  3. love the natural pink shades on your eyes!


  4. Love this delicate yet very flattering makeup!
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  5. Love this light pink eyeshadow! Your last pic is stunning!!
    I follow you on GFC, hope you would follow back!

  6. pretty pinky prom :) love it ross

  7. I never had a prom when I was in high school, so I always dreaming about having one!
    I love your prom make up too! It's not over the top, it's sweet!!!

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