Friday, April 25, 2014

What's in My Bag?

Yelooo guys!
Suddenly random thoughts came through my mind today. I decided to let you guys see what are the things that I bring in my bag! Pardon my randomness guys, HAHA. The reason is……. there's no reason actually, there aren't any important things in my bag so I think, why not show it to you guys? Hahahaha.
Actually I'm a little bit curious, are you guys also bring many things like me or just me who bring too many things? ;p

So depends on mood, sometimes I carry small bag sometimes I carry medium/large bag.

Medium bag
Small bag

So here are the things that I bring in my medium/large bag!

Power bank: My Blackberry's already old, this year is its 4th years, so the battery's already broken (it works so hard, I'm so moved). Every time I use to call or open something, suddenly the battery went low and the phone went off. How sad it is? :') So every time I want to use it to call someone, I plug the power bank first so it stays on all the time.

Umbrella: In Jakarta the weather's never clear, today we got sunny day tomorrow we got rainy day, that's why I always bring it even though this thing is the one that makes my bag heavy.

Bubble Gum: Preparation if I suddenly ate onions during lunch or dinner. It helps though ;p

Earphone: There are times that I go somewhere or waiting someone alone, so instead of bored doing nothing, just plug it to the phone and listen to some songs :)

Mirror + comb set: I got that for free! simple right? 2 in 1! ;)

Eye liner + lip balm: I bring eye liner in case if there's an urgent event that you should look neat or trendy, just applying eye liner can make a difference on your look :) For lip balm, it's just because my lips are dry.

Hand cream: My lips are dry as same as my hands, esp. after I did my dishes. Usually I forgot to put my hand cream when I got ready, so I put it when I'm already go out.

Contact lenses eye drop: Everywhere I go, I always wear contact lenses cause I have minus eyesights and my eyes are always dry wearing it, so I always bring eye drop for contact lenses to keep my eyes fresh.

Pen: In case if I need to write something important

Hair band: I have many colors and there's one in each of my bags.Very important for bad hair day! I always use it to make a pony tail.

So many things right? Hahahaha. Now you can compare it when I bring small bag. This are the things!

Do you notice what's missing and changing?? :p 
Following the bag size, there are things that I bring in a smaller size instead the large one in the medium/large bag such as hand cream and umbrella ;)

How do you think guys? Do I bring too many things? Let me know in the comment ;)

And also, just for fun, I tag this "what's in my bag?" thingy to my friend Michelle Vinnetan from Another Part of Me, I'm curious what's in her bag :p Spread this tag to everybody guys, just for fun! :D

Speaking of bag, I just want to express my opinion and I didn't mean to offend anybody with this, peace :))
I don't like seeing guys or we can say boyfriends carry their girlfriends' bag (except there's a reasonable excuse). I said this cause every time I go to the mall, I always see 1 or 2 couples do that.
There are 2 reasons here:
  • If the guys who offered to carry it all day, me as female has privacy things that I don't want male to see it (girls, you know what I mean, that's why I don't mention it above), and besides, it's strange for me if I don't carry my own bag cause I'm the one who bring it.
  • If the girls who order their guys to carry it all day, please, respect them girls. Don't bring a bag if you don't want to carry it, you're the one who responsible for your own bag, so carry it on your own. 
I'm sorry if my words sound a little bit harsh. But once more, no offends guys, just my opinion and I accept it if there's a reasonable excuse, peace ;)

So that's it, hope you guys like it! Thank you and have a nice day!

"Be sure for what you want and be sure about yourself. You have to believe in yourself and be strong"




  1. A lot of things!! Thanks for share!


  2. hello rosa. thanks for tagging me <3 anyway i will update this post soon . COZ you know those sucks internet connection :( haha!

    see you in a week

    1. Yeah, I know your internet so well, I'm waiting for it :))

  3. nice post! I always want to do this tag! hopefully could do it in the future!
    btw, i nominate you for Inspiring Blogger Award ya!

  4. I think it's okay when a guy offers to carry a girl's bag when she's shopping. My ex did that, cause I often ended up neglecting my personal belongings when it's hectic (you know how crazy shopping could be when you're carrying too many things). But when a guy carrying her gf's bag in the mall ALL DAY, duh, that's so embarrassing :S I don't think if I ever see that.
    I love what's in your bag, btw!


    1. Thanks for your opinion dear, I appreciate it! ;)
      I accept your case cause you carry so many things so he offered you to carry your bag, that's the kind of him ;) But really, one time I saw a guy carried his gf's bag but the gf didn't carry anything and she's boldly looking cute things in the store and ignored her bf, felt so sad for the guy :')

  5. you carry so many! oh but who am i to say, i carry a million things in my bag too. hahaha

    1. Hahahaha so many right? Girls need to bring million things in their bag, cause all the things surely important ;)

  6. adore your white bag <3


  7. great, love the items
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  8. I always bring gum in my bag too, so as lip balm and earphones <3

    Visit my blog:

    1. they're really useful right? esp. gum for urgent situations :p

  9. I need to get a power bank too! Nice blog dear, following you via gfc and g+, hope you can do the same and keep in touch!
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  10. Rosa ♥ im doing this post alrdy ! Check it out ♥