Friday, April 4, 2014

Nostalgic Things - Cartoons & TV Shows

Yelooo guys!
I'm the type of person who likes to nostalgic something, like the moments I had during high schools, games that I played during primary schools even horror films that I watched when I was still in kindergarten (creepy huh?)
So I made this nostalgic things just to remember those moments since we can't turn back our time.

For this first nostalgic things, I want to share you guys  my favorite cartoons and TV series that I watched when I was in kindergarten and primary school, here you go!

Blue's Clues

This is the most favorite cartoon that I like. Back then I always remember what time does it aired and I already stood by in front of TV waiting for it. I know all the songs that he sings! Like the opening, or when the mail came, I always sang and followed the moves! I always shouted hysterically when I saw the paw prints and pointed to it many times (yeaaa, I'm still innocent back then). But after Steve (I even still remember the name of the man!) was replaced by someone I don't know his name, I never watch it again, hahahaha.


Funny, every time I said this cartoon to my friends, only one of my friend knows it, the rest of them never heard this before.
I love this cartoon cause they always act crazy and fun. Everything they did seems crazy but they didn't care at all. I like Dot among the 3 siblings, maybe cause she's the only girl and she's so cute!

        Sailor Moon


Sailor Venus

Who doesn't like this anime back then? Every girls like it! I like the kind of cartoon or anything where there are girls  that have super power and their duty is to rescue the world but in a girly and cool way like this, not cheesy. And I also like the romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they're so sweet! <3

I played this with my cousins back then disguising as the sailors, cause only 3 of us, so my cousins played as sailor Moon and sailor Mars, me as sailor Venus, my favorite character ;D

Wedding Peach

Beside Sailor Moon, this anime also hit that time! My friends also don't know this cartoon except my cousins. I guess we had different nostalgic things. Again, I like that this girls have super power to defeat the monsters anddd they're more fashionable than Sailor Moon :p I like the part when they changed the cute suit to wedding dress, since then, I always want to try wedding dress (just trying ;p)

I also played this with my cousins, they disguised as the pink and blue one, and I'm the green one. I always the one who yield back then, I want to be the pink one but they ordered me to be the green one, sooo yeahhh  that's my childhood hahaha.

Power Puff Girls

This is my obsession when I'm in primary school. I like the fact that their still kids but saving the world, and they're so cute except Buttercup, she's too fierce :p
I have all the merchandises, accessories and dolls! I have sooo many PPG clothes, from shirt to pants, complete! I even attended PPG event at the mall near my house! How happy I was when I could meet and had a photo with PPG (although they're just clowns)

And again, I played this with my 2 cousins and I yielded again, they already chose Blossom and Bubble and yeah the rest that I should take is Buttercup (honestly I want to be Blossom :p)

Doraemon & the Legend of the Sun King

Off course! This cartoon never died until now. Back then, it aired in our local TV channel on Sunday at 8 AM (still remember it!). I got up willingly in the morning just to watch it!
Sometime I still read the comic book and wondering if Doraemon really came to my house and helped me with his tools, but it wouldn't happen though hahaha.
My favorite episode ever is "Doraemon and the Legend of the Sun King", The story line's awesome and somehow I like Nobita's character here.

This cartoon somehow teaches us many lessons, especially when I read the final chapter of Doraemon, I don't know it's official or not but the story's so touching and meaningful.
Here's the link for you!

Dora the Explorer

The cartoon that still hit until now is this one. The funny thing is, I already watched and liked it back then when that cartoon hasn't appeared to our local TV channel, still in Nickelodeon only. So when this cartoon gave a big hit to my country, I wasn't interested anymore.
To be honest, back then, I always answered what Dora asked (still innocent ;p).

Power Rangers

Hohooo even I like girly stuffs, when I was little, this boyish thing still came to my life. I know there are many series of Power Rangers but I like the very first one. Power Rangers without any "super legends" or "operation overdrive", just the first one, that's my favorite.

Although I like the pink one back then, but still, every time I disguised as her I'm so hyper, just like a boy running around in the house while screaming "Dorr! jjjjjjjsssss (it's too hard to describe it in writing but you know what I mean :p)"


In my country telenovelas were so hit back then (I don't know in other country). The first telenovela that I watched is "Rosalinda", yesss it's because the name's similar to mine. That time my friends always threw a joke to me about this, they changed my name to Rosalinda ayam goreng cause on the theme song the singer sang "Rosalinda ayamore!", the pronouncing of 'Ayam goreng' is similar to 'ayamore' and 'ayam goreng' is the Indonesian of fried chicken (funny huh?), sometime they still call me that now, but never mind, I know they're doing it just for fun ;)
Because this telenovela's too long, I don't know what the ending likes. I bet Rosalina came back with Fernando Hose hahahaha.

Children telenovelas that I like are "Amigos X Siempre" and "Maria Belen". Although the main characters are always crying in every scene and I hate mushy girls but I appreciate their acting skill, it's amazing and I never miss any episodes of them, awesome!

Maria Belen

Nickelodeon TV shows

I love watching Nickelodeon when I was in primary school. So I came to watch their TV shows. I love "All That" and "The Amanda Show".
The details of the shows, basically both of them have same plot. So there are many parts in the show, each part only took about 5 minutes or more and they put many stories in it. The difference is only on the casts, except Amanda Bynes.
Back then they all still little as I am, now they're all grown up as I do, time flies….


So that's it. Tell me on the comment what cartoon or TV series that you like back then! Hope you guys like it!

Thank you and have a nice day!!

“Memories of childhood were the dreams that stayed with you after you woke.” 




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