Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring is Here - Make Up Tutorial

Yellooo guys!
Spring is here!! Actually there's no spring here in Jakarta, it only has 2 seasons whether it's sunny or rainy, how sad it is huh? I always want to know how it feels living in a country that has 4 seasons cause when I saw snow it's kinda cold but exciting (of course snows are cold), but maybe I can't stand it :p

So for welcoming the spring season, this is my first makeup tutorial

So I came with the idea of this simple makeup that make you look soft and calm, and also you can apply it for your daily occasions like at work, hang out with friends, or a simple date! It's easy and doesn't take times.

1. Start with putting the
eyeshadow base

2. Apply pink eyeshadow
all over your eyelid

3. Apply brown eyeshadow
on the outer corner of
the eye and crease,
creating the shape.
4. Use blending brush, blend the color by swinging
your brush from the outer corner to the crease,
the color will blend naturally.

  5. Apply light pink to the             
       brow bone and also                      
       apply brown eyeshadow        
       on the low outer corner
       of the eye  
6. Apply black eyeliner upon the lash line
and white eyeliner on
the lower waterline

Don't forget to apply foundation or BB cream or CC cream (the texture of BB and CC cream are lighter than foundation) and powder. Voila! The look's complete!

*I'm using a pencil concealer for the lower waterline from Make Up For Ever, so if you don't have white eyeliner, just use concealer pencil instead ;)

The products that I use:

Pink : Wet 'n' Wild Petal Pusher Palette
Brown : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Black : Maybelline Gel Eye Liner
White : Make Up For Ever Concealer    Pencil

MAC "Kinda Sexy" Matte Lipstick

Sorry guys if the photos isn't clear enough, I've tried my best. I have troubles with the lighting in my room :(

So that's my first makeup tutorial, hope you guys like it, you can also give a request what makeup should I do next, I'll be waiting for it :) 

Thank you and have a nice day!!

"Once there was a thing called spring,
when the world was writing verses like yours and mine."




  1. I knew .. Jakarta was so pathetic only have 2 weather . *sigh* . Anyway love your photos Ross it turns so well ! Hahaa . I love those natural looks . wait for another tutorial !

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    1. Thank you also for your nice comment and dropping back on my blog :D
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  3. the pastel eye shadow is so pretty on you! can't wait to use some pinks for my eye makeup! thanks for visiting my blog hun<3

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  6. I feel like the seasons here are: "hot", and "extremely hot" instead of sunny and rainy! Cute look for spring but maybe it needs more cheerful color?


  7. I love your makeup :D
    Are u a make up junkie? bcs me too!!
    I live in kelapa puyuh :D


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