Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Birthday Surprise Ideas

Yelooo guys!
February and March are the months where there are many of my friends had their birthdays, so when we're in high school we used to give surprises for them for their birthdays.
In Jakarta, Indonesia, birthday surprises are more often like crazy things that we did to the birthday person (esp. high schools), for example we use eggs, flour, ketchup, even expired food to throw at them

Yeahh, for example that's me back then when I was 17. My friends threw eggs, soy sauce, flour anddd a stale indonesian food called Soto that was mixed with dog food, how cool is that?? 

Wanna try it? :p

But instead of throwing them lots of crazy stuffs, I'll share you guys the ideas of birthday surprises that me and my friend came up and did it during high school that can make your birthday person feel special ;)

The main part of the surprises is friends, gathered up all the friends that close with her/him cause the 'star' will be so happy seeing their friends give them surprise no matter how simple it is. It's all about friendship and togetherness <3

1. Simple Monocrome Happy Birthday!
This is a simple surprise but still took efforts for it

  • Gathered a number of people as the number of the HAPPY BIRTHDAY! letter (14 people), 1 person take 1 letter each and wear black shirt. 
  • For the letter just use A4 papers, use used paper (that have blank side) instead to decrease global warming ;) 1 paper 1 letter, write the letter in a big size with black marker.
  • Stick the paper on the back and voila! Here's the result!

You can also make it Happy B'day instead happy birthday, easier and lessen people needed ;)
Pardon my drawing skill.

Make that formation in front of his/her house and call them. It's best that his/her house has a balcony so they will see from up there, if don't it's okay they can come out from the house instead. Sing Happy Birthday to her/him and give them the birthday cake ;D

2. Creative Formation
This is a creative way to make the 'star' feel special.

  • To make the formation at least there are 8 people minimum, we make the formation based on how many people that attend the surprise.
  • For the easy way, draw the formation first on the paper.

  • List your friends first and then put it in the formation (left pict). You can make any kind of shape like numbers. That time I usually took the first letter from her/his first name. You also can make heart shape (right pict). Trust me it works, I'd arranged that heart shape and it looks so beautiful.

After that, you must hold something to clarify the shape, you can use flashlights, candles, even fireworks! Place the person who hold the birthday cake in the middle of attention so the 'star' knows.
You can do it in front of her/his house or in the empty field so you can have more space and the shape can be more seen, call her/him and sing happy birthday!! :D

3. Man in the box
I suggest you to do this to a thin male. This is an insane yet fun thing to do. It all started from my friend (the birthday boy) who always teasing us and one day, at that time out of nowhere I replied "Don't make me put you in a box and I send you away!" (I'm joking okay, not really meant to it). After said that there's like a sound in my brain, "Ting!" and I said to my friend, "Why don't we really put him in a box?" so yeah that really happened.

  • Collect thick and big size cardboards, it'll be more useful, cause you'll make a human-sized box. You can make the box either the person sit in it or stand in it, it's all up to you, it'll take more cardboards for the standing one.
  • The hard part is making the box steady for human. Place a plywood in the bottom, it must be solid for him to sit, and place blocks in each angle so the cardboards don't fall down. And finally, place the top cardboard.
  • Don't forget to make holes, so the person can breath in it. Use duct tape to make the cardboards stronger and stuck on each other.

You can paint the cardboard or write wishes on it to make it more lovely.

That's me in high school, so pardon the messy hair  (esp. my bangs :p)
Voila! The box is set!

It didn't fit in the car! LOL

Make sure that many males attend the surprise because they're the one who must carry the box, hahaha muscle power! Abduct the birthday one (sounds creepy :p), tie his hands and feet, put him in the box, carry it to the center of the empty field and left him! hohoho, let's see what will he do.

Actually this surprise caused a chaos at the field (it's 3AM) but everybody especially the birthday boy had a great time. After the birthday one come out, sing him happy birthday and give the cake :D

Look how touched the birthday boy was!

funny fact: my friend (the birthday boy) kept the cardboards in his home until he moved out to Australia

4. Simple cute thing
This is the recently surprise that me and my best friend gave to our best friend :)
Put the present and cute things she likes inside the mason jar and make a choco pie tower for her 'cake'

I hope the tips are useful! ;D

And also I want to pray for MH 370 incident. I can't imagine how the passengers and their families gone through with it especially there are babies and kids inside the plane :'( Let's hope and pray for the best result.

Thank you and have a nice day!!

"Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they always there."




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  4. Thank you so much for these great ideas! I have to try some of them! ^^ My birthday is on Sunday this week~

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