Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Katy Perry - Dark Horse Make Up

Hi Guys! Finally I posted my second update after a long hiatus, sorry guys. Without furthermore here's Partie de Moi :)

For my first piece, I did the eye makeup inspired by Katy Perry - Dark Horse MV.
This song basically about a girl who gives a warning to his man, once he took her as his woman, there's no turning back. So in this MV, Katy Perry played as the Queen of Memphis from Egypt where there are many pharaohs try to "win her heart" by giving her expensive gifts, but sadly instead of getting her heart, the queen just turned them into ashes.

This is the look of her as Katy Patra, the Queen of Memphis from Egypt. We can see the cat eye liner and also the Egyptian symbol at the right bottom eye as the typical of Cleopatra.

So here's the eye makeup:

Sorry if the color isn't very clear and sorry for the no tutorial, I've already recorded the makeup steps for video but the camera went off caused by the low-bat thingy so yeah, it didn't get the rest of my makeup. I'll work hard for the quality pictures and for the next makeup tutorial, I'll put some photos of the steps and I'll put what makeups that I use.

Here's the link to the MV, enjoy!

"So you wanna play with magic, you should know what you're falling for"




  1. hi Rosaline, nice to know you and your blog ^^
    this is super cool!!! may you tell me what eyeliner/eyeshadow/lipstick that you use for this look?
    I've followed you, mind to follow each other? thank you!^^
    Lova ♥ clovers and carousel blog

    1. Hi Lova, nice to know you too! Thank you for your nice comment and following my blog ^^
      For the eyeliner I use Maybelline gel liner and the eyeshadow I use PAC, actually I didn't apply lipstick, maybe because of the photo effect ;D
      I followed you back ;) Let's keep in touch!